Park Avenue

Moments on a StreamCube Flower by Ewerdt HilgemannMoments in a StreamAug 1, 2014 to Nov 7, 2014Threesome by Ewerdt HilgemannTriple by Ewerdt HilglemannDancers by Ewerdt HilgemannDouble by Ewerdt HilgemannCube by Ewerdt HilgemannHabakuk by Ewerdt HilgemannMaelstrom by Alice AycockPart of Paper Chase on Park Avenue by Alice AycockMar 8, 2014 to Jul 20, 2014Hoop-La by Alice AycockTwin Vortexes by Alice AycockSpin-the-Spin by Alice AycockWalzing Matilda by Alice AycockCyclone Twist by Alice AycockTwister 12 feet by Alice AycockProgression by Albert PaleyPaley on Park AvenueJun 17, 2013 to Nov 8, 2013Between the Shadows by Albert PaleyReflection by Albert PaleyJester by Albert PaleyCounter Balance by Albert PaleyVariance by Albert PaleyTilted Column by Albert PaleyAmbiguous Response by Albert PaleyCloaked Intention by Albert PaleyComposed Presence by Albert PaleyLanguorous Repose by Albert PaleyEnvious Composure by Albert PaleyNo Limits by Alexandre ArrecheaMar 1, 2013 to June 9, 2013Inspired by iconic New York City BuildingsLever House? by ?Lever HouseKeith HaringLever House2005