I live in Europe, but I lived in New York for a few years. I have visited the city many times between the 1940s and today. Nowadays I visit New York a couple of times a year, mainly to see new temporary art installations, the ones that were not there on my previous visit. When I’m there I take pictures and shoot videos depending on what catches my eye, and that’s what’s here on this website. This is no attempt to show any complete gallery of what is or has been on show. I have seen things that did not make me take up my camera. I have missed things that would have made me reach for it.

The temporary art galleries are collections of pictures from the main temporary installation sites. My selections of permanent public art are organized by neighborhood. The flow is roughly from southern Manhattan northward, as I usually walk in that direction when I’m there. The short videos are, however, organized by the time of the visit when they were shot.

Manhattan is a right-angled place. Most of the street plan consists of around 2000 rectangular blocks: most buildings are low or high standing rectangles. But totally different buildings have been constructed in recent years and more are planned: buildings with unusual shapes and creative details that are like big sculptures. A few examples of these buildings are included under the menu Permanent Public Art.



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